13-04 Bunk Bed

DUE TO THE CHANCE OF SHOP CONCEPT YOU CANNOT SEE ALL THE PRODUCT IN THE STORE. * Please do not rely on the products sold in the market using our company's product pictures.


* Caterpillar patterned railing models are not in stock, flat model will be sent. * Metal table legs are removed from the production and produced as wooden panels.


Additional information

Bunk Bed Size

Length 240 CM / H185 CM / D95 CM

Mattress Size

Mattress 90x190 cm


* Caterpillar patterned railing models are not in stock, flat model will be sent.

Amount of beds

1 Person

Wardrobe Size

Length 80 CM / D95 CM

Study Desk Size

Length 110 CM

Body Color

White, Ihlara

Front Cover Color

White, Red - Navy Blue, Pink - Navy Blue, Pink - Lilac, Orange - Green, Green - Navy Blue

Body Material

18 mm laminated surface, drawers with rails,

Ladder Location

Right - Left Interchangeable

Side Staircase

With drawer, Top 1 step door


110-120 kg


3 Years

Delivery time

Ürünlerin Ortalama Teslim Süresi 2-4 Haftadır.


Including transport in Istanbul.


* mattress, covers and other accessories are not included in the price.

13-04 Work desk with bunk bed and under bed.

We have designed for your children both work areas and furniture for healthy and comfortable sleep. In particular, the difficulty of children in small rooms and sometimes the lack of an environment where they could study, paved the way for the creation of this product.

It is easy for children to have healthy study environments, no matter how small their rooms are. Among the bunk bed models, you will love this model, which also stands out with its work space for children.

This product, which you can order in the color you want, also offers shelves where your children can stack their toys and books.


We have a great offer for those looking for bunk beds and prices. This model is especially useful for school age children. If you feel uncomfortable working with your children in the living rooms and kitchen tables, it is time to prepare a healthy working environment for them!

The size of the bed in the bunk bed is 90 * 190 cm. The desk is located at the bottom of the bunk bed and is 115 cm wide and 75 cm high. There is a cupboard next to the desk. This cabinet has a depth of 95 cm.

You can change the direction of the drawer to be left or right. You can add color to your home with the furniture you designate in the color you want.

Make Your Kids Happy with Affordable Products

Worktable bunk bed models should be useful. Comfortable furniture should be chosen instead of narrow furniture with no working space.

Therefore, the issue of price is of great importance. Giving money to a product that does not meet the needs would actually be a greater loss. Therefore, make sure you have enough information about the product and the company you are going to buy before shopping.

You can order the shelves of this handy product, which you can order in any color, by placing your children's toys or books, and you can arrange even in a small space.

Architect's Tip:

This is a fun and very useful product. Your children will have their own space with this product, which is one of our solutions especially for small rooms. Order in no time and be one of the miracles of small houses.


Bunk bed width 240 cm

Different color body and cover options are available.

* mattress, covers and other accessories are not included in the price.

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